Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Does this thing still work?

*sweeps away the cobwebs*

Oh how I have neglected this poor little blog.

One blog that isn't being neglected is my friend Nicole's - Challenge Me Hungry.

Nic has embarked upon a culinary journey, albeit a rather stripped back one.

She's doing a six-week anti-allergy diet and blogging about the recipes she is creating using only meat, potatoes, rice, rice milk, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and pears.

While that sounds pretty bleugh, we have actually come up with some freakin tasty dishes, including an awesome chicken noodle soup and some equally delicious vietnamese rice paper rolls.

So get over there and check it out... www.challengemehungry.blogspot.com

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back to the bulletin board

The following item appeared on the work bulletin board the other day...

Cruise Anyone?
Hi there. Looking for a female interested in sharing a cabin wth myself and another couple for a cruise on the P&O on 23rd March 2013 to Pacific Islands. Special at moment $600 approximately and required $200 deposit and rest to pay one month prior to departure. If interested please respond asap. Deposit required before 5th of March 2012. Vicky.

Noting that my friend Nick has previously said that a P&O cruise is his idea of hell, I emailed it to him. His response...

Dear Vicky,

Your advertisement should read a something a little more like...

"Lonely women seeks other (any gender fine) to accompany me to an all you can eat fat cruise...."

Who would do this. I am going to stalk this person on facebook

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Shit and apathy

I admit it - I'm a shit blogger. And I am rather apathetic about my shitness, hence this post will just be a lazy copy and paste of a funny email conversation I had with my sister (hi Jackie!) recently.

Jackie: I had to laugh when I read that the oat krunch bikkies were 'deliciously fun'……then I remembered that in Cambodia it's probably fun to eat anything at all. My thought for the month….Nothing healthy comes in a crinkly packet

Moi: Ha ha ha! My thought for the month... Who the heck orders rounds of tequila shots at 9pm on a school night? Despite having the best intentions of being home from Melbourne Cup festivities by 5pm, I stumbled in at 10pm last night. Ugh. xAm

I assume that it was a good day / night though? Any photos (that you are able to share and won't get me in trouble with the work blockout scanners...shit, bum, boobs - let's see if they let that through! Avon however is blocked.)?

No photos - fortunately! Hang on.... nup, just checked the bar's website and they don't have any photos on there, so I am in the clear :) I did manage to embarrass myself by striking up a conversation with this old guy and mocking the bar manager who was dressed unintentionally like a clown, only to find out the old guy was the owner of the bar. He then introduced me to his politician friend, who I jokingly accused of representing the fishing party. On the subject of fishing, I said I hated seafood only to find out the old guy also owns the massive seafood market. Yeah, I'm awesome when I'm drunk.

hahahaha, oh you crack me up. I don't know how you get yourself into these situations but you seem to do it regularly and with ease!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

An incorrect correction

I like that the media issues a correction when they make a mistake.

I particularly like it when they make an empty apology for getting it wrong, and point the finger at someone else for making them make a mistake.

And I find it particularly funny when there is a mistake in their correction message!

This one is from the Brisbane Times piece about Deputy Premier Paul Lucas (who looks a little like Jamie 'Sloppy Face' Soward from the St George Dragons) announcing that he is retiring and confirming that he does not colour his hair.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I love my mum

My mum is always forwarding on those emails about angels and friends and life lessons and send this to ten friends within the next eight minutes.

I replied to one today asking, "Mumma, why do you keep spamming me?!"

My mum's response...

Because I love you and need to remind you how precious you are and because I dont have enough to do
Mumma Bear

I love my mum!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Funnies in the news

I'm not quite sure why www.news.com.au has drawn comparisons between these two stories, but it made me laugh!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It's been a while since I've seen a cheeky news headline, so I would like to thank www.news.com.au for this laugh-out-loud-er!

Yanks enjoy extra sauce with their Weiner

THE US enthralled by a spate of high-profile sex scandals. The only question left seems to be: who's next?

Mr Weiner had for a week held the line that a photo of a bulging set of underpants, sent from his Twitter account to a young woman, might have been a photo of him. But he insisted that he didn’t send it. Yesterday, the New York Democrat came clean. "The picture was of me and I sent it," he told a news conference as he broke down in tears.