Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Interpreter required please

In July my friend Nicole and I are going on a holiday to Cambodia. Very exciting!

After booking some very cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur we decided upon Cambodia as our destination. We then discovered that July is in the monsoon season...

One of the activities that friends have recommended is a quad bike tour from Phnom Penh, though attempts to do further research revealed that the tour company's website is entirely in French.

Here are my attempts to translate the website for Nicole.

Killing Fields et villages - $22. Départ à 7h30 ou 12h30 de Phnom Penh. Visite des Killing Fields*, les fosses communes de la prison S21 pendant le régime de Pol Pot. Ensuite départ pour une heure au milieu de rizières et de plusieurs villages typiquement Khmers.

It’s pretty obvious that this tour is of the Killing Fields and villages, and possibly a commune and/or prison.

Le coucher de soleil - $22. Départ à 16h de Phnom Penh. Ce circuit, d’environ 1h30, vous emmènera sur les routes de campagne, au milieu de rizières, pour franchir quelques ponts « exotiques ». Puis, vous profiterez du coucher de soleil au bord de la rivière avec une noix de coco fraîchement cueillie. Un seul conseil : n’oubliez pas votre appareil photo!

Possibly a sunset tour that leaves at 4pm, goes for an hour and a half, something exotic happens and then you have a coconut and a photo.

Le long de la rivière - $45. Départ à 7h30 ou 12h30. Vous débuterez cette demi-journée par la visite des tristement connus Killing Fields. Ensuite, leurs guides vous feront découvrir les pagodes et villages isolés le long de la rivière Prek Thnot. Vous traverserez la forêt jusqu’aux plantations de mangues et bananes, puis irez en jusqu’à la pagode de Kompong Kdol, connue pour ses statues de la vie de Bouddha. Une première approche de la vie au Cambodge!

Guessing this is along the river, visiting the killing fields, and maybe some mango and banana farms and a Buddha statue. I think they are also offering one opening approach to Cambodia?

Une journée à l’aventure - $90. De votre hôtel à 7h, en route pour Choeung Ek où vous attendent les quads. Découvrez le Cambodge tel qu’il est vraiment ! Dans cette expédition, avec des guides professionnels, vous explorerez les campagnes préservées autour de Phnom Penh. En route sur les petits chemins vous verrez ces paysages typiques du Cambodge. Vous traverserez des ponts pour le moins inhabituels, des rizières et des ruisseaux, la forêt de Phnom Tamao qui abrite de nombreux animaux, et surtout vous vivrez des moments privilégiés avec les habitants. Apprenez ce qu’est leur quotidien, et découvrez leurs traditions. L’expédition inclus le déjeuner Khmer pris sur le lac Tonlé Bati, où l’on visitera deux temples de l’époque d’Angkor. Ensuite départ pour le Sanctuaire de Phnom Tamao où des refuges sont donnés aux animaux sauvés des mains de trafiquants ou braconniers. De retour à Choeung Ek, vous pourrez visiter les Killing Fields* . Retour à Phnom Penh vers 17h30.

I’m pretty sure based on the price and length of description that this is the full day tour, or adventure journey, where we might get picked up from the hotel at 7am by a professional something/someone, then traverse past inhabitants and their animals and their traditions and their temples and refugees and animals and whatever a braconnier is, then stop by the killing fields before returning around 5.30pm.

However, I would appreciate any professional French to English interpretation advice people have to offer :)

Funny photo

I have just worked out how to email photos from my phone, so now can furnish this sad and neglected blog with funny pictures instead of my lacklustre musings!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Favourite things: Media star friends

Instead of "Favourite things", perhaps this series should be called "Super cool things my friends do".

My gusband (gay husband) Nathan is an international media star.

When he lived in Brisbane he worked in corporate communications for a rather large powerful company and was always on the radio giving talk back callers the information they wanted. Or giving Madonna King on 612 ABC a curt response to her rudeness.

Now, he lives in London and is starting to crack the media market over there.

The "Lloyds group spokesperson" referred to in this article on The Guardian news website is none other than my Nathan!

And I've just noticed that the journalist's name is Martin King. Coincidence?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Favourite things: Yoga Hypnosis Musings

My darling friend Sarah is an extremely funny person. Combine her bubbly outgoing personality with a intense course in yoga and she is extremely funny to the power of three!

She has started a blog called Yoga Hypnosis Musings to document this hilarious adventure. As she describes it...

My blog might inspire you to try yoga or run screaming in the other direction. Is a it journey? Is it an illness? Is it an addiction? Is it the answer to stress release and happiness? Read on and you decide. This insiders look into yoga from a beginners viewpoint is honest, funny and heartwarming. See? Almost reads like a rom-com.

I hate rom-coms but I love Sarah, so read her blog!