Friday, November 18, 2011

Shit and apathy

I admit it - I'm a shit blogger. And I am rather apathetic about my shitness, hence this post will just be a lazy copy and paste of a funny email conversation I had with my sister (hi Jackie!) recently.

Jackie: I had to laugh when I read that the oat krunch bikkies were 'deliciously fun'……then I remembered that in Cambodia it's probably fun to eat anything at all. My thought for the month….Nothing healthy comes in a crinkly packet

Moi: Ha ha ha! My thought for the month... Who the heck orders rounds of tequila shots at 9pm on a school night? Despite having the best intentions of being home from Melbourne Cup festivities by 5pm, I stumbled in at 10pm last night. Ugh. xAm

I assume that it was a good day / night though? Any photos (that you are able to share and won't get me in trouble with the work blockout scanners...shit, bum, boobs - let's see if they let that through! Avon however is blocked.)?

No photos - fortunately! Hang on.... nup, just checked the bar's website and they don't have any photos on there, so I am in the clear :) I did manage to embarrass myself by striking up a conversation with this old guy and mocking the bar manager who was dressed unintentionally like a clown, only to find out the old guy was the owner of the bar. He then introduced me to his politician friend, who I jokingly accused of representing the fishing party. On the subject of fishing, I said I hated seafood only to find out the old guy also owns the massive seafood market. Yeah, I'm awesome when I'm drunk.

hahahaha, oh you crack me up. I don't know how you get yourself into these situations but you seem to do it regularly and with ease!