Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Song of the day: Night Drive

Today's song is Gotye's "Night Drive".

According to Wikipedia... Like Drawing Blood is the second album by Gotye. All the sounds on the album were collected and assembled or performed by Wally De Backer in bedrooms around Melbourne between 2003 and 2005, and the record was mixed and mastered by Franc Tetaz (Wolf Creek soundtrack, Machine Translations, Architecture in Helsinki). It was featured heavily by Triple J in May 2006 and nominated for a J Award, which, although it didn't win, lent the album considerable publicity.

This is honestly one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard and it would definitely be in my top five songs of all time.

However, when your name is as awesome as Wally De Backer why would you bother creating a stage name?!

And I don’t know just where we’re going, and I don’t care where we’ve been, but we just coast on through, coz while I’m here with you, you know, there’s no place I’d rather be, no place I’d rather be, such a quiet joy, knowing that I’m your pick-up fix, and you’re my favourite boy...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Song of the day: Superstition

Today's song is Stevie Wonder's "Superstition".

According to Wikipedia... "Superstition" is a popular song written, produced, arranged, and performed by Stevie Wonder for Motown Records in 1972, when Wonder was twenty-two years old. In November 2004, Rolling Stone ranked the song at #74 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The song deals with superstitions, and mentions several popular superstitious fables in its lyrics.

In my first year at university I joined the dragon boating team, and even though we weren't that good and didn't take it too seriously the team went down to Sydney for nationals. We did a little bit of dragon boating, a little bit of sight seeing, a little bit of shopping, and a lot of drinking. Our coach, a rotund ranga funny man called Taz, declared that "Superstition" was our team song and I cannot tell you how many times I heard it over that weekend.

Superstition is also PJ's favourite song, and is being included in this list upon his insistence.

When you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer, superstition ain't the way...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Song of the day: Look Good in Leather

Today's song is Cody Chestnut's "Look Good in Leather".

According to Wikipedia... Cody Chesnutt (stylized as Cody ChesnuTT) is an American R&B and neo soul musician. Many acclaimed musicians count Cody Chesnutt as an exciting force within the field of music. In an interview on MTV's Subterranean, Radiohead's Thom Yorke listed the singer as one of his favorite new acts.

Ha ha ha, that old chestnut!

Listen, I can do anything I want, because I look good in leather, I can talk any kind of talk, because I look good in leather...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Song of the day: Maria

Today's song is Blondie's "Maria".

According to Wikipedia... "Maria" is a song by the American band Blondie, taken from their 1999 album No Exit. This song was Blondie's comeback single, their first since "War Child" in July 1982. In the UK, it was the band's sixth no.1 single, topping the charts exactly 20 years after their first UK no.1 "Heart of Glass" in 1979.

A few years ago I dated a guitar tech and his friend got us backstage passes to Blondie at the Gold Coast Convention Centre, so we got to sit side of stage for the gig. I had a slamming headache so wanted a drink to take some panadol. Lindz directed me to the catering room, where I collected some drinks for him and I. As I was walking out I literally bumped into Deborah Harry, which caused me to make a little surprised shriek noise and run away.

I sing this song a lot at work, as one of the projects is managed by a lady called Maria and her name is mentioned semi-regularly. Every so often I will start singing and not realise it, such as the other day when I was standing waiting for a lift with Bec. Upon alighting at our floor Bec burst out laughing and told me that the lady we were in the lift with was *that* Maria.

Maria, you've gotta see her, go insane and out of your mind...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

43 reasons why I am not a bogan

Okay, this blog entry requires a bit of a background.

I'm not quite sure where it started, but for some time I have claimed that I am 43 kinds of awesome. And I have promoted this at any given opportunity, such as the time that I sent my resume to Nathan for a job at his work and slipped in a little PS on my cover letter noting that they should hire me because of these 43 kinds of awesome.

This story then jumps to about a month ago, just before the first State of Origin game. I had been on a few dates with the Accountant, a guy that I met through a friend of a friend. We had been discussing catching up to watch the game, but then I came down with a head cold so sent him an email letting him know that I would be bunking down and staying in to watch the game.

His reply was not quite what I was expecting: Compared to Amanda who although a bit bogan; least she hasn’t got as many head issues and communications are normal

My reply: I don't think you meant to send this to me, did you?

He responded with a gushing email about how he actually meant to email his friend (hi Rach!), whom he had just had lunch with, and said that they were discussing me in comparison to his last girlfriend.

Regardless of the circumstances (him talking about me to others, him comparing me to ex-girlfriends, him being such an effing idiot as to hit reply rather than forward), the Accountant accused me of being a bogan because I like State of Origin.

In response I have come up with a list of 43 reasons why I am not a bogan.

1. I enjoy witty political television dramas
2. I get overly passionate about pate
3. I cook challenging international recipes
4. I live in postcode 4006
5. I set up share portfolios for my nephews
6. I have a penchant for expensive champagne
7. I always use correct spelling and grammar, even in casual or hastily written communications
8. I rave about a documentary series called Seven Wonders of the Industrial World
9. I bought a large flat screen television without the financial assistance of a baby bonus
10. I give cufflinks as gifts
11. I know the 14 different punctuation marks and how to correctly apply them
12. I pay the full balance of my credit card at the end of every month
13. I don't own a tracksuit
14. I don't have a membership to an RSL club
15. I am 28 and don't have four kids
16. I don't argue over the price of a $7 slice of pizza
17. I bought my own apartment at the age of 24
18. I abhor sneakers and jeans
19. I don't watch Home & Away or Neighbours
20. I don't have a Southern Cross tattoo
21. I don't have a t-shirt or sock tan
22. I don't ride a Yamaha Virago
23. I don't have a spoiler on my car, nor do I have mag wheels
24. I use words like "nor"
25. I don't drink beer
26. I have regional preferences when it comes to wine
27. I don't know all the words to Cold Chisel's song "Khe San"
28. I prefer to read non-fiction books, with the exception of Sherlock Holmes
29. I have travelled to (numerous) other countries
30. I have a job as a well-paid 'Strategic Communications Coordinator'
31. I know the difference between red and white wine glasses
32. I have diversified investments
33. I have a gorgeous Marc Jacobs handbag rather than a tacky embellished Guess handbag
34. I was in the First VIII for rowing for two years, and was Captain of Boats
35. I was awarded a scholarship to a private university
36. I own a marble coffee table
37. I have private health insurance
38. I don't buy my cosmetics from the supermarket
39. I don't own any Ed Hardy clothing
40. I bought my car and motorbike outright, without finance
41. I have a French friend, Charlotte
42. I wear neckerchiefs
43. I vote in elections

Feel free to leave comments with further reasons why I am not a bogan!

Song of the day: Thunder Road

Today's song is Bruce Springsteen's "Thunder Road".

According to Wikipedia... "Thunder Road" is a song written and performed by Bruce Springsteen, and the opening track on his 1975 breakthrough album Born to Run. It is ranked as one of Springsteen's greatest songs, and often appears on lists of the top rock songs of all time. Rolling Stone magazine placed it as #86 on its "500 Greatest Songs of All Time." The lyrics to "Thunder Road" describe a young woman named Mary, her boyfriend, their hopeless lives and their "one last chance to make it real". Thematically, it reads as a nostalgic companion piece to "Born to Run".

Inspired by the American Flag scarf, dubbed "Born in the USA", that Johan and Jim Bob bought me for my birthday I decided to purchase a Bruce Springsteen Greatest Hits CD. Upon listening to it I realised how many awesome songs he wrote and how many of them I heart!

And I know that upon reading this, PJ will claim my love of the Boss as another addition to the list of 43 reasons why I am a bogan. However! My list of 43 reasons why I am NOT a bogan is nearly complete and shall be posted shortly.

So you're scared and you're thinking that maybe we ain't that young anymore, show a little faith there's magic in the night, you ain't a beauty but hey you're alright, oh and that's alright with me...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Song of the day: Number 1

Today's song is Goldfrapp's "Number 1".

According to Wikipedia... "Number 1" is an electronic–dance song performed by British group Goldfrapp. The song was written and produced by Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory for the duo's third album Supernature (2005). The song is based around a synthesizer and bass arrangement and was written about the importance and meaningfulness that somebody shares with another, despite that it might not necessarily last.

I hate the happy birthday song - it will never make it as Song of the Day. Instead, each year I choose a fun birthday song as an alternative, starting with Jackson Five's "I Want You Back" for my 21st birthday. "Number 1" was the song for my 25th Arabian Nights-themed birthday. Note that this song has nothing to do with anything Arabian Nights.

Goldfrapp are playing at Splendour this year, and I don't care if there are any clashes with other bands, I shall be front and centre for all of Goldfrapp's gloriousness. Love!

Walk out into velvet, nothing more to say, you're my favourite moment, you're my Saturday, cos you're my Number 1, I'm like a dog to get you, I want it up and on, I'm like a dog to get you...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Song of the day

Today's song is A Flock of Seagull's "I Ran".

According to Wikipedia... "I Ran (So Far Away)" (also released as "I Ran") is a song by English New Wave band A Flock of Seagulls. It was released on their debut album A Flock of Seagulls in 1982 and was its most successful single, reaching number 9 in the United States and number 1 in Australia. Along with the Bowling For Soup cover, it was also used as the theme song for the English dub of the anime series Knights of the Zodiac which was later removed from the air during its first season.

This song was requested for inclusion by my friend PJ, who regularly reads this blog and regularly tells me that my taste in music is rubbish. About five years ago PJ introduced me to a hairdresser called Rodney, who gave me a fabulous asymmetrical haircut that he said was inspired by Flock of Seagulls. Unfortunately, the second time I went to Rodney he gave me the Worst Haircut of My Life, and I never went back.

Another interesting fact that I discovered while researching this song is that Jebediah did a cover - so how ironic was it that the Kevin Mitchell/Bob Evans song last week prompted an email from PJ saying I needed to include some good music and requesting this song!

I walk along the avenue I never thought I'd meet a girl like you, with auburn hair and stormy eyes, the kind of eyes that hypnotize...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Song of the day

Today's song is Bob Evan's "Nowhere without you".

According to Wikipedia... "Nowhere Without You" is the second single from Bob Evans' second album Suburban Songbook. It was released on 25 September 2006. The single debuted at #84 on the ARIA Singles Chart. It also reached #36 on Triple J's Hottest 100 for 2006. and was featured on Triple J's Hottest 100 Volume 14 CD.

Bob Evans is actually Kevin Mitchell, front man for Australian band Jebediah! He is super cute and I spent most of the Lily Allen gig stalking him around the Arena.

Watching terrible T.V it's ok all our secrets we keep, I used to dream of broken teeth now I lie awake watching you sleep...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Song of the day

Today's song is Yazz's "The Only Way is Up".

According to Wikipedia.... "The Only Way Is Up" is a song written by George Jackson and Johnny Henderson and originally released as the title track to the 1982 album by soul singer Otis Clay. In 1988, it became a chart-topping single for Yazz and the Plastic Population. During her Showgirl Homecoming Tour Kylie Minogue sang a line from the song as an introduction to "I Should Be So Lucky".

The film clip for this song is hilarious, as Yazz (female lead singer) wears an atrocious cropped jacket and just dances by shrugging her shoulders the entire time!

Boy, I wanna thank you, for loving me this way, things may be a little hard now, but we'll find a brighter day, hold on, hold on, hold on, won't be long, the only way is up, baby, for you and me now...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Song of the day

Today's song is Kanye West's "Jesus Walks".

"Jesus Walks" is a hip hop song by American rap artist Kanye West. It was released on May 25, 2004 as the third single from his debut album, The College Dropout. The song is built around a sample of "Walk with Me" as performed by the ARC Choir. "Jesus Walks" was well-received by music critics, who praised its compelling sonic atmosphere and boldness in its open embracement of faith. It was met by widespread commercial recognition, peaking at number eleven on the Billboard Hot 100 and becoming West's fourth consecutive top twenty hit in the United States.

Some people hate Kanye for his tendency to storm the stage at a music awards show when he feels that an artist (such as himself or Beyonce) has been hard done by. However I expect and look forward to his inappropriate and highly entertaining behaviour!

So here go my single, dog, radio needs this, they say you can rap about anything except for Jesus, that means guns, sex, lies, video tapes, but if I talk about God my record won't get played, huh?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bulletin of the week

Yamoto 110cc
I am selling a 110cc yamoto dirt bike 4 speed manual. i paid $900 for this bike 2 weeks a go the bike looks brand new and rides like a dream. i am asking $600 for the bike as i need it gone ASAP! please call me to come and have a look the bike is at upper mount gravatt.

Why does he need it gone ASAP?

Did he fall off it?

Did it cause a fight between him and his partner?

Did it come to life as a result of a science experiment backfiring and go on a murderous rampage through society and the only way he can stop the carnage is to sell it on the work Bulletin Board?

Song of the day

Today's song is Rat Cat's "Don't Go Now"

According to Wikipedia... Ratcat were an Australian indie rock band of the late 1980s and early 1990s fronted by vocalist Simon Day. Their combination of indie pop songwriting and energetic punk-style guitar won them fans from both the indie and skate-punk communities. In 1990, the band signed to the rooArt label. Their first release for their new label was a 6-track EP called Tingles. The band's subsequent album, Blind Love, and the single "Don't Go Now" both reached #1. Much of the artwork for the band was done by singer/guitarist Simon Day.

Rat Cat were big in the 90's and then sort of faded out. They played a reunion style gig in at Sydney's Luna Park in 2006, however tickets were sold out before I had a even chance to look at how many Frequent Flyer points it was going to cost me to go down for it.

Well I've been looking around for a feeling, some kind of a sensation, and you know I can feel it all inside...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Song of the day

Today's song is R Kelly's "Remix to Ignition"

According to Wikipedia... "Ignition (Remix)" (also known simply as "Ignition") is a song written and produced by American R&B singer R. Kelly. The song was included on his 2003 studio album Chocolate Factory. It is viewed as one of his signature songs and has been very popular in the United States and Europe. The song was listed at #19 on Pitchfork Media's top 500 songs of the 2000s.

My excited exclamation catchphrase "toot toot" was born from the chorus of this song!

Now it's like Murder, She Wrote, once I get you outta them clothes...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Song of the day!

It came up in conversation with a colleague yesterday that she had never heard of Mel and Kim - quelle horreur! So I have taken to emailing her a song of the day, in order to introduce her to some "classic" favourite music of mine.

Hmmm, it appears I have some sort of fascination with things of a set calendar period, don't I?

Anyway, here are the first two...

Yesterday's song was Mel & Kim's "Respectable".

According to Wikipedia.... Mel and Kim were a British pop duo, comprising sisters Melanie and Kim Appleby. They achieved success between 1986 and 1988 before Melanie succumbed to terminal illness.

They were also responsible for bringing the fedora hat back in to fashion.

Take take take take, tt-t-t-t-t-take take, take or leave it, only please believe it, we ain't never gonna be respectable!

Today's song is Joy Division's "Love will tear us apart".

According to Wikipedia.... Love Will Tear Us Apart" is a song by the British post-punk band Joy Division. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" was written in August and September 1979, and debuted when the band supported Buzzcocks on their UK tour in September and October 1979. It is one of the few songs in which singer Ian Curtis played guitar (albeit somewhat minimally). The lyrics ostensibly reflect the problems in Ian Curtis's marriage to Deborah Curtis, as well as his general frame of mind in the time leading up to his suicide in May 1980.

Yes, a rather dark and sombre subject, but the music is so beautiful and heart-wrenching it is one of my favourite songs.

When something so good, just can't function no more, then love, love will tear us apart, again...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bulletin of the week

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Breast Pump kit
Superior comfort and efficiency and only 3 parts for ease of use. Kit includes pump, milk storage lid, standard wide-neck bottle adaptor. Still 95% new. Kept in good condition. Delivery can be arranged if picking up is a problem. I have photo's I can email or you can have a look on website. $20.

Yes, it is still for sale. And it is *still* 95% new! And it is still disgusting.