Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bulletin Board round up!

Okay, time for some more hilarious/sad (delete as appropriate) announcements from the work bulletin board!

Broken plates
I have a cpuple of bags of broken china/crockery from a house move. Would suit a mosaic artist.

Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone if you just threw them in the bin?

Wanted - Washing Machine
Just about out of clean clothes! Preferably Fisher and Paykel and 7kg+. Will pay a reasonable price.

Ugh, no need to air your dirty laundry on the corporate intranet

Kiwi Cushions
Beautiful large Cushion covers made from 100% wool with coloured felt N.Z. icons sewn on. eg: Pukeko, Frond, White Heron and Tuatara. Approx. 40 x 42mm. $45.00 ea

For the proud Kiwi with no taste!


This item was listed on 2 December and then again on 3 December. I can understand why he was so keen to get rid of it. And I think his use of capslock was a cry for help.

Boarder Wanted - Marsden
To share a 3 bedroom house in Marsden. Must be working full time. Smokers ok, as long as you're happy to smoke outside. The house is situated on a big fully fenced 760m2 block, at the end of a cul-de-sac in a quiet street. It has 2 large living areas. You will have your own large bedroom and undercover car parking. You MUST be an animal lover as there are 2 dogs, a parrot, a snake and a lizard at the premises. It's ok, the snake and lizard are in tanks. All of this for only $150 per week (plus elec/gas/water). Bargain!

Wow, $150 to live waaaaaaaay out in the ‘burbs with 2 dogs, a parrot, a snake and a lizard, what a bargain!

WII Game: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic
Brand new, never opened. Cost $59 Sell $40. Unwanted Gift.

Thankless tight arse.

FREE Round Trampoline FREE FREE FREE
FREE Round trampoline 10 foot. Side netting and padding in poor condition and can be removed or replaced. Tramp mat and everything else is good. Free to person who picks up from Pine Mountain near Ipswich before 2 January 2010. Can help with disassembly. FREE FREE FREE.

Excuse me, how much is this trampoline? And how many children have died on it?

I have a stack of new &/or near new items that i want to get rid tell me what you're after & i'll see if i've got it!!! :)

I’m after some quality English literature, but I have a feeling you probably don’t have any…

Bobcat for sale - Ideal Christmas Present
For someone who has everything. Case 85XT - $19,950. This beast can dig holes and load dirt like you wouldn't believe. And when you sit behind the controls and feel the rumble of the engine ... it's like nothing can stop you. Photos available - just email me. Happy digging.


Books for sale
$5 each, 3 for $10 or if you would like the whole lot (21), $70
Stephanie Myers: Twighlight, Eclipse, New Moon
Sophie Kinsella: Shopoholic & baby, Shopoholic takes Manhattan, Secret Dreamworld of a shopoholic
Jane green: The love Verb, Second Chance, The beach House
Martina Cole – Faceless, Marion Keyes - This charming man, Mitch Albon - The five people you meet in Heaven, Robbie Williams – Feel, Cecilia Ahern - Ps I love you, Kathy Reichs - Death Du Jour, Rebecca Miller - The private lives of pippa lee, Helen Fielding - Bridget Jones Diary, Elizabeth Gilbert - Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Noble - The way we were

This reminds me of a joke…

A woman walks into a supermarket and buys a half loaf of bread, one litre of milk, five frozen dinners, and a tub of chocolate icecream. The guy at the checkout looks at her and says "Single are you?" The woman replies very sarcastically "How did you guess?" He replies, "Because you're ugly."

Monday, December 13, 2010

A collection of disjointed thoughts

It's funny, quite often you hear summer before you feel summer, with the cicadas announcing the impending heat.

House parties are awesome. You get to choose the people, the venue, the food, the drink, the music and the air-conditioning temperature. And it doesn't matter what you wear or how drunk you get or how much you dance on the furniture, because you are surrounded by your favourite people. Cleaning up the next day is a bitch though. (Big shout out to the gang for doing most of the work on Saturday night!)

I started going to the gym and it has strengthened my arguement that exercise makes you fat as I have since put on weight. Stupid fitness. I am looking forward to long days of laziness down the coast at Christmas to lose it again.

Today I am wearing a new pair of shoes that are a pale silvery colour, which is strange as I normally wear black shoes to work. So strange that I keep looking at my feet when I walk. It's very distracting.

The city is absolute madness at the moment. Christmas carols pumping out in Queen Street Mall, half naked teenagers loitering everywhere, workers rushing around doing Christmas shopping in their short lunch breaks, and then moi waltzing around with my new Puma sneakers in an oversized bag hitting everyone on the way back to the office!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Wow, this is my 200th post.

I feel that it should be about something special. You know, so that it stands out from the irreverent musings, holiday recaps, public transport anecdotes, and general nonesense that I normally write about.

*thoughtfully looks out into the distance from her awesome window seat overlooking the Brisbane River*

I've got it...

Let us use this momentus blog entry to discuss who wants to buy me a Kawasaki Ninja 250R?!