Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am rather uninspired with this blog lately. I feel like there is nothing interesting to share with my dedicated reader (hi PJ!) and people who stumble into here looking for Rayban Wayfarers or photos of girls in tight shorts.

I've been busy, but none of it seems worthy of a stand alone post.

There is the story of my foot-in-mouth incident on the weekend, when I berated a driver for running a red light as Nathan and I crossed the street, only to find out it was an unmarked police car.

Or the story of my great happiness when told it would cost $550 rather than the originally quoted $800 to fix Rusty's steering head bearings, front fork seals, rear fork seals, rear break shoes, cushion drive rubbers or somethingorother, front brake switch, and grips. That is to say, to make him roadworthy. But it was definitely worth it as he rides like a freakin dream now!

Or the story of when Nicole and I went to the Caxton Hotel for "one drink" after the Broncos game the other weekend, where I insisted on calling every boy I spoke to by a girl's name, had to defend Nicole when someone started throwing ice at her head, slipped down the stairs but somehow regained my composure by the bottom step and looked up expecting applause but no-one saw it, and maintained my near perfect record of unintentionally getting home within 15 minutes of my housemate when we've both been out for the night.

Or the story of how I had to apply for the job that I have been doing for the past five months, and how if I don't get it I will absolutely die of embarrassment and have to leave the country from the shame of the rejection.

Hmmmmm, maybe I'll find something to blog about next week...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hi y'all

When requested to write original material, I suddenly went quiet, despite a lot going on lately. Well, here's a wrap up.

In the last few weeks I...

  • Met Rusty's younger, better looking brother outside Jess's apartment building - Rusty used to be a damn good looking bike, but now he's like a handsomely weathered older man
  • Nearly ruined Nathan's pristine white kitchen with a flood of red wine (which was then overshadowed by Tyler setting a napkin on fire and nearly burning Nathan's apartment to the ground)
  • Was dumped in a most passive aggressive way
  • Had the best time at Splendour with my closest friends, where I danced and I walked and I ate donuts as big as my head and I bought a dress and I got a stomach ulcer from a frozen margarita and I slept in a station wagon and I enjoyed spending some time with Ross and Sarah and I wore leopard print gumboots and I experienced my happiest music moment ever at Goldfrapp.
  • Spent a hilarious night with Jim Bob and Michelle and a bottle of red wine (it was Sticks Pinot Noir, Nathy!), discussing what sounds look like
  • Fell a little bit in love with Iggy, Jim Bob's son
  • Found out that Rusty needs $800 worth of work done (can you really put a price on my safety, fun and happiness though?)
  • Have been absolutely under the pump at work, so really should get back to it
Later skaters...