Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I lied

Okay, so I am a crap blogger.

But I don't have much to say. Or, actually, I don't have much interesting to say. Funemployment is keeping me busy as I fill my days with the beach, boring administration stuffs like claiming insurance and doing my tax, having lunches and dinners with friends, being cheerleader for Nathan's netball team on a Wednesday night, inviting myself over to play with my nephews, talking to my sister on the phone (the novelty of being able to call whenever we want hasn't worn off yet), and job hunting.

Do you know what I need to do? Get a job or get drunk. Leave it with me, I'll work on it.

In the meantime, let's pretend this is a weight loss blog for one minute so I can gloat about how I have lost 5kg since I got back - toot toot! A big part of it is mum waking my up early each morning for what I have dubbed "Fat Farm" (aka beach walks and swims), part of it is the heat allowing me to sweat it out, and the biggest part of it is the reduction of alcohol consumed.

So I guess that answers my earlier rhetorical question about what I need to do - get a job so that I can cryptically talk about my colleagues behind their backs in this open forum!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Rest assured that I wasn't abducted by the fat man in red, but have been busy Christmasing and New Yearsing and familying and so haven't had time to blog.

But I shall get back on soon and tell you all about:
  • How my mother has reset my body clock to wake up at 6:30am every day for Fat Farm
  • The fact that I have a tan!
  • The way my two year old niece, Darcy, struts around like she owns the joint
  • How I was "that" drunken Aunty on Christmas day
  • My 4 year old nephew, Joe, who kicks my arse at Mario Kart
  • My desire to become a member of every surf club, bowls club and RSL on the Gold Coast
  • Oh, and that two week Wild European Vacation I've already forgotten about