Friday, June 19, 2009

Update 2

While I have actually been getting out and doing stuff, there has been a lapse in blogging again. So I shall summarise the goings on of my life in bullet points, because I like bullet points and this is my blog and I can use them.
  • I ventured back to the Walkabout at Temple to watch the first State of Origin game the other week, after managing to avoid any updates on the score throughout the day by getting a colleague to screen all of my text messages. Honestly though, you need to be drunk to be able to handle that place and as it was a Wednesday night I was not in a position to have a great time. Amber and Nicole did though!

  • Jodie has returned from Australia but is yet to find employment, which leaves her free to hunt around on the internet for cheap theatre tickets – yay! We went to La Clique the other week and it was fantastic! The venue was really cosy and set up sort of like a circus, with strings of lights, and the stage in the middle. And the acts were great – a man who squeezed his body through a tennis racquet and made me laugh so hard I cried, a couple that did amazing spinning tricks on roller skates, a massive black man dressed in drag singing, a little guy dressed as Freddie Mercury that did juggling tricks and jokes, and crazy acts.

  • This week we got £10 dress circle tickets to La Cage Aux Folles (aka the Birdcage) which was pretty good. The highlight were the five extremely fit, male chorus dancers, who were extremely entertaining from the stalls, but I don’t think I would have liked it as much if I was in the front row tables!

  • Last weekend we did a day trip to Brighton which was really fun. The weather was unexpectedly gorgeous, and we all ended up getting a little sunburnt. We went down to the water, played games on the pier, went on our favourite ride – the Crazy Mouse, had fish for lunch (actually I had salad), did some shopping in the Lanes, and then whiled away the afternoon at the beachfront bar, le sigh…

  • PowerPlate is either going to be my body-firming saviour, or the death of me. I’ve started doing PowerPlate classes at the gym, as I got a few sessions free with my membership. The idea is that you do exercises on a platform that vibrates, so a 30 minute session is equal to a 90 minute session on standard equipment. And at the end of it you feel like you’ve done a 90 minute session. The good thing is that the last couple of minutes you lie on the ground with your legs on the machine and get a muscle-stretching and cellulite-busting massage.

  • I have been invited to the wedding of a colleague friend of mine in September, which is very exciting. When I asked what the dress code she was rather vague, though stipulated that most women would be wearing hats or headpieces. Crap. So the search starts now in the hope that I will find something appropriate in the next two and a half months.

  • Just to fuel the fire that Jackie started at Christmas lunch, I bought a pair of Birkenstocks on the weekend. I had quite the internal fight prior to the purchase – extreme comfort and purple patent leather vs blatantly looking like a lesbian. Comfort won out. Though I won’t be wearing them with my new green skirt from Joy, as I saw an actual real life lesbian wearing the same skirt a few months ago.

PS. Mum, I am not a lesbian.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Return of the prodigal daughter

I have decided to move home. I booked my ticket (on mum's credit card, thanks mum!) a month ago, but I think I decided probably about two months ago.

There are a lot of things that I miss about Australia, namely my family and my friends.

However, I predict that I am going to be bored shirtless within a month of returning, so you people had better be ready to entertain me.

There is also the issue of the current job market (or lack thereof) in Australia, so I may be forced back to London or perhaps to Japan where I can teach English and indulge my love of tacky stuff.

Moving back will be difficult though. Before I left Australia I had a great job, a lovely apartment, and a varied portfolio of other investments. I will be coming back to no job, an apartment ravaged by floods, and a varied portfolio of other investments minus a chunk of shares.

Yup, I'll be 27, living with my parents and probably working in a bakery.

PS. Sue, can I please get some shifts at the Jolly Swagman around January? Just ask dad for my reference. On second though, ask mum...

"You let me run, You let me hide, I'm coming home"
My Way Home, Alex Lloyd

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lesson #1

Lock your computer when you leave your desk.

There could be confidential emails in your inbox that people could view, or you could have a sensitive policy document open, or you could be drafting a blog entry in Word.

Alternatively, I could jump on and send emails on your behalf ...

Dear Male Colleague,
Would you like to go for a drink after work tonight?
From Miss OpenComputer

Dear Female Colleague,
That dress would look better on me.
From Miss OpenComputer